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Last edited on Dec 20, 2023

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Securing deals demands substantial execution work, diverting crucial time from deal origination and slowing firm's growth. The key question arises: how can we redirect focus from execution to pursuing new opportunities?

In this article we will explore how small-staffed firms can easily leverage expert execution partnerships that allow partners to reallocate precious time to critical deal sourcing efforts.

Addressing deal execution with overhead has pitfalls

The trade-off between deal execution and new business development is a constant challenge for solo or minimally staffed firms. The knee-jerk solution to this “deal execution-business development” dilemma tends to lean towards team expansion.

While hiring and training full-time staff is the only known conventional solution, it brings significant risks: overhead costs, time investments, and the prolonged period required for new recruits to become self-sufficient. Ultimately, this approach often falls short, adding strain rather than providing relief.

Finalis' approach: partner with experts for specific deals

With Finalis’ platform, Connect, investment bankers can access experienced bandwidth for execution, forming project-specific teams without the risks, costs, and time investment of traditional hiring. It ensures that they have both the key resources for execution and time for new business development.

By leveraging our platform, investment bankers can confidently partner with over 450 experienced bankers across different market segments and deal types. Also, it provides access to professionals with diverse skills and tools, including financial modeling, marketing materials, and valuable market insights.

Explore the chart below for Connect's market verticals and deal types:

You know how to free up more time for deal origination. To discover how Connect can further assist in growing your business, read this article.

An ongoing commitment to empowering dealmakers

At Finalis, we continuously innovate to provide our community of investment bankers with tools that directly address the real-world challenges they face. The fiscal year 2024 is poised to be a transformative period for those who adapt and optimize.

Your choice now is whether to continue operating within the constraints you're accustomed to, or to harness the capabilities of a platform designed to expand your horizons.  See what those who have already taken action are saying

Our user testimonials speak volumes about the tangible impact we're creating in the investment banking ecosystem. The decision you make today will dictate the opportunities you can seize tomorrow. Join us.

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