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Syndicate & close deals with a powerful network

Grow your revenue by partnering with other financial advisors and identifying syndication opportunities. Supercharge your business by sourcing new opportunities, or de-risking existing ones.
Finalis Marketplace™
  • Enhance your deal origination, execution, and distribution capabilities with exclusive access to peer-sourced deal flow and deal teams 
  • Direct access to proprietary deal flow, sourced directly and exclusively by Finalis
  • Monetize your relational capital by earning referral fees on deals that close through the Finalis Marketplace™
  • Chat privately and in real-time with industry peers about deal syndication opportunities
  • Optimize your outcomes through mutually beneficial fee sharing arrangements with compatible financial advisors
  • Accelerate execution by identifying ideal partners to pitch prospects or support existing deals
  • Filter based on industry focus, deal type (expertise), company, fund stage and deal size range
Finalis Capital Introduction
  • Expand your buy-side network by partnering with industry peers who have established  relationships
  • Accelerate deal closings by quickly winning high value meetings with capital providers, funding sources and institutional investors
Connect Insights
  • Access our Fee Guide with real-time data on deal fees across engagements 
  • Leverage exclusive data on opaque private markets 
  • Benchmark pricing when negotiating success fees
  • Find relevant market data to target investors, track private market deals
  • Obtain deal metrics for presentations, pitch decks, and CIMs

Diversify & connect with a powerful network

Whether you are a private equity firm, venture capital firm, hedge fund, or other alternative investment firm, we offer solutions to help you succeed.
Raise Capital
  • Maximize your likelihood of success by leveraging the Finalis Marketplace™
  • Streamline your capital raise by connecting with a broad network of placement agents
  • Access top industry providers through Finalis’ capital introduction solution
Deploy Capital
  • Access exclusive and pre-vetted deals
  • Gain access to some of the leading companies in the market
Exit your Portfolio Companies
  • Exit your portfolio companies by leveraging the world’s fastest-growing network of investment bankers and M&A brokers
  • Access the Finalis network today and develop a custom strategy for your portfolio

Unlock access to the U.S. capital markets with our fully-compliant, end-to-end solution

Access the world’s fastest growing network of financial advisors to help with your capital markets needs. The Finalis network can help you to raise capital, find a buyer, perform a strategic M&A transaction, or provide consulting services. 
  • Connect with licensed FINRA-member advisors to access liquidity for your business in the U.S. capital markets
  • Find the perfect advisor for your company’s industry and transactional qualifications
  • Gain an understanding of market deal terms for your advisory engagement
  • Accelerate your efforts to find a capital provider, buyer or strategic partner for your business
  • Win confidence in your advisory engagement with Finalis’ compliance and legal monitoring

Gain Independence

Whether you’re an established boutique bank or placement agency seeking to maximize your growth, or an independent banker or M&A broker just launching your professional brand, Finalis’ Work Flow solution gives you the leverage you need.

Comprehensive Coverage

With a secure single sign-on, access all of your fully integrated broker-dealer dealmaking back office tools.

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