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At Finalis, we’re linking proprietary technology with regulatory solutions to create a scalable compliance back office, a collaborative dealmaker platform, and a world-class market intelligence institution — so everyone can close deals easier, and faster.
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Our story

Launched in early 2020, Finalis began as a 100% remote and global team from the get-go.
The founding story of Finalis was premised on a simple observation: dealmakers deserve a technology platform to close more deals faster with technology and trust. Our founder was a deal attorney at a top global law firm in San Francisco supporting private equity funds with technology company buy-outs, but ironically using 30 year-old tech to manage and close those transactions. This made no sense, particularly given the changing of the guard in the industry, with more digital natives than ever before running deal processes.

Finalis is comprised of product experts, engineers, bankers, attorneys and compliance officers based across the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. We came together to build a company and culture in which trust is no mere buzzword, but a daily, lived experience–it is, after all, the fundamental virtue on which regulatory compliance stands, and without which it fails. Accompanying that trust with a boundless passion, proactivity, stewardship and a desire to challenge conventional wisdom, "Finalists" (as we've come to call ourselves) have since built a category-creating technology platform for dealmakers globally.

Leadership team

Federico Baradello
Founder & CEO
Alex Sueldo
Chief Operating Officer & GC
Brad Ziemba
CCO, Finalis Securities LLC
Demian Entrekin
Chief Technology Officer
Mike Weir
Chief Revenue Officer
Mariano Riccio
VP of Finance
Julio Amado Cesar
Head of Revenue Ops.
Sebastian Gallino
Head of Engineering
Patricio Maller
Head of Product Management
Natalia Abramzon
Head of Product Design
Diego Sinisi
Head of Delivery
Laura Neira
Head of Change Management

Finalis values

Embodying the Trust We Deliver

We build strong relationships with everyone through honesty, integrity, and trust.

Exercising Extreme Proactivity

We are all in the journey together, supporting each other to maximize our highest potential.

Showing Passionate Engagement

We encourage others to thrive, highlighting the human behind the work.

Redefining, Uniting, and Evolving

We re-think established norms, we foster unity beyond conventional group thinking and we continuously advance through learning.

Practicing Stewardship

We have the best interests of all stakeholders uppermost in mind, as a fundamental pillar of business.

Working at Finalis

As a remote-first company based in New York City and San Francisco, we bring together a diverse team of talent from around the world.
Such initiatives include team members engaging in activities–virtually or in company offsite gatherings–in which ideas, experiences, and anecdotes are freely shared, contributing to company and individual wellbeing.
Become a part of the M.A.D. Team
Our Make A Difference Team promotes the pillars of Team-Building, Wellbeing and Diversity by organizing different activities and meetings to help us get to know each other better behind the screens.
Grow your career with us
We invest in our employees, providing them with an additional resources to go towards expanding their on-the-job knowledge and helping them reach their full potential.
Work horizontally and make better connections
A thousand approvals or reviews are not required for a process to get underway at Finalis because we promote and encourage everyone to propose, create, come up with new things and ideas, no matter your job title or team.

And many more benefits

  • Work without borders: 100% remote team all over the world
  • Digital nomad friendly - flexible working hours
  • Internet expenses covered
  • Generous paid time off
  • USD Salary
  • Learning and development programs

Hear what Finalists have to say

I know that many career compliance people have seldom, if ever, had a seat at the table. Working at Finalis changed that for me, and every day I wake up finds me eager to collaborate with my fellow Finalists to compliantly navigate regulatory obstacles, and to transform our industry in the most extraordinary ways.
Brad Ziemba
CCO at Finalis
Working at Finalis is like being part of a community! Being able to collaborate with teammates allows so much space for growth and development as we are able to see the different functions of each role. Every day is a learning opportunity!
Porsche Myles
Customer Success Sr. Specialist at Finalis
Finalis has been a game-changer for me. Not only have I been able to develop a range of interdisciplinary skills, but I’ve had the chance to dive headfirst into projects across various scopes and fields. The best part? The freedom to create and innovate without being micromanaged. Finalis has given me the tools and support I need to truly flourish as a learner and a creator.
Rosario Tobias Panizza
People Associate at Finalis
Definitely direct impact that I see my day-to-day work has on the performance and growth of the company. The results are much more evident compared to when I used to work at big corporations.
Juan Manuel Villegas
Business Operations Manager at Finalis
Finalis has given me a tremendous opportunity to grow professionally and meet incredible people along the way. Despite being a remote company I can honestly say that I’ve made true friends and that has been unique. As a startup, you will be heard and your voice matters to keep building the foundation of Finalis for years to come.
Chloe Airaldi
Marketing Manager at Finalis

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