Dealmaking Ecosystem: Three Growth Pillars


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Last edited on Feb 22, 2024

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In our previous posts, we've delved into how being part of a dealmaking network significantly enhances your business opportunities, whether you're an independent dealmaker or part of a small team. It's clear that the growth of profits in investment banking is closely linked to the power of networking. And what about being part of a dealmaking ecosystem?

The power of being part of a dealmaking ecosystem

Networking is a key aspect of the Finalis ecosystem, one built to provide knowledge, collaboration, and where the necessary tools converge to fulfill your needs and amplify your activities in the investment banking sector. Finalis’ network provides these three pillars so that members can focus their time and resources on what they do best:

  • Dealmaking data to boost opportunities (provided via our Finalis Marketplace)
  • Networking (provided via Finalis Directory and Cap Intro)
  • Tools, resources and services accessible with Finalis Perks

Given that we have already covered how to access dealmaking data and take advantage of networking, in this blog post we will introduce our Perks section, to show just how you can take your dealmaking process to the next level.

How to access the right tools and the right services?

In the day-to-day of dealmaking, there are these inherent needs: 

A) streamlining information search processes to identify new opportunities;

B) preparing for exams and acquiring licenses;

C) accelerating your firm's visibility through effective branding and marketing strategies;

D) utilizing tools to streamline operations and processes.

We understand this because we've experienced it ourselves. Finding quality tools and services takes time and several iterations, which also involve spending money and resources. 

In this regard, Finalis' ecosystem offers its members a Perks section where they can access curated options to meet their daily needs, with discounts and direct communication with providers.

Research and Investment Intelligence

  • SourceScrub: Equips dealmakers with specialized tools for finding and winning opportunities.
  • Grata: A platform connecting dealmakers with private companies and investors.
  • Family Office List: Provides the most accurate family office database designed to assist with capital raising.
  • Cyndx: An AI-powered search and discovery engine built to simplify deal origination.
  • Fuld & Company: Offers research and data support to boutique investment banks for faster deal execution.
  • Inven: Empowers M&A professionals by harnessing AI to discover acquisition targets.

Exam Preparation Tools

  • Solomon Exam Prep: Offers a robust portfolio of exam prep courses and materials, helping students and professionals pass their exams and earn licenses.
  • Kaplan Financial Education: Provides exam prep, professional development, and continuing education across industries.
  • Knopman Marks: Empowers success in securities exams with tools for both test day and your career.

Marketing Solutions

  • Minimum: A studio specializing in designing, developing, and launching marketing websites.
  • Gaucho Digital: A marketing agency specializing in website development, branding, SEO, email marketing, and more.

Operational Efficiency Tools

  • Value Craftz: Provides differentiated deal execution support services to entrepreneurs, M&A advisors, investment banks, and financial sponsors.
  • TresVista: A global enterprise offering diverse resource optimization services.
  • VStockTransfer: An SEC-registered firm for private companies, IPOs, and issuers on major stock exchanges.
  • Keeper Security: The top-rated password and secrets manager for cybersecurity.
  • Ontra: The AI-Powered Legal Operating System for the Private Markets.

Growth is just a step away

By leveraging Finalis' ecosystem perks, dealmakers can access essential resources efficiently and cost-effectively, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: seizing opportunities and driving success in the dynamic world of investment banking.

In 2024, growing your business is a dynamic process which we can help you supercharge. Join Finalis and become part of the world's largest dealmaking ecosystem.

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