How to Enhance Profit with Investment Banking Networking


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Last edited on Feb 01, 2024

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Networking holds numerous advantages when used effectively. In this article, we will share insights on how to create favorable economic results from investment banking networking using Directory, a new tool from Finalis' Connect.

The Power of Investment Banking Networking in Today's Business Landscape

Striking the right balance between execution of deals and the proactive pursuit of new business development is a continual challenge for solo or minimally staffed firms. This nuanced predicament within the professional sphere is where Finalis has successfully introduced a new approach: forming project-specific teams.

These teams drive the growing deal execution workload without incurring the risks, costs, and time investments associated with traditional hiring. The result is more successfully closed deals, yielding increased economic benefits for all parties involved without the generation of recurring costs.

Introduction to Directory by Finalis' Connect

The newly introduced Directory tool within Connect emerges as the ideal ally for managing all deal execution steps, such as financial modeling, marketing materials, and marketing research efforts. By identifying optimal partners for pitching prospects or supporting ongoing deals, dealmakers can expedite execution processes, freeing up time to continue growing their business while expanding profit margins for each operation.

Finding the specific professional for each deal provides the efficiency and flexibility necessary for each case, as hiring junior associates entails risky overhead, and particular deals demand specific industry expertise. Simultaneously, the fact that investment bankers and independent dealmakers use the same platform where their deals are showcased to search for their provisional team of licensed bankers makes the process agile, transparent, and satisfying.

Directory's features that help bankers team-up with the right experts

The Directory's comprehensive suite of features underscores the platform's commitment to providing a seamless, efficient, and resourceful environment for banking professionals.

  1. Access over 500 bankers contact information: this encompasses emails, LinkedIn profile, website and phone number. Access to information is key, and with Finalis, you gain entry to a network that is part of the top 1% in terms of the size of investment banks.
  1. Enhance deal collaboration: users can view the deals posted by licensed bankers on the marketplace, promoting collaboration by initiating direct conversations through the platform.
  1. Apply deal filters: Finalis's members can utilize filters to categorize deals by type, industry expertise, location of the firm, and firm type (such as Bank, Fund Managers, Private Equity) in order to give clear visibility of the deal execution expertise needed.
  1. Utilize professional expertise filters: users can narrow down professionals based on industry focus, deal type (expertise in financial modeling, marketing, pitching), company, fund stage, and deal size range.
  1. Find the firm that suits your needs: licensed bankers are usually grouped under firms. The Directory tool allows exploration of more than 150 firms in the marketplace and it helps the user understand the type of expertise by showing information of the firms they work with.

The tools you need to conduct dealmaking your way

You now have insight into one of the methods to generate positive outcomes through investment banking networking. Finalis provides the tools for investment bankers, placement agents and independent dealmakers globally to have the freedom, flexibility, and autonomy to build their own investment boutique on their own terms.

Picture the capability to choose members for your ideal team to handle the deals you've secured with your business development expertise. This is attainable, and this year could mark the realization of this prospect in your professional journey. Join Finalis and become part of the world's largest dealmaking network.

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